Archaeology & Cultural Resource Management

Ecofor provides comprehensive archaeological and cultural heritage consulting services throughout British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. Our dedicated staff brings a broad range of archaeological experience from all across Canada. We also service Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Ecofor serves a diverse set of clients, including private industry, developers, landowners, government agencies, First Nations, and Indigenous organizations. Our archaeologists work collaboratively with First Nations and Indigenous peoples in their traditional territories. We remain committed to building and fostering many strong working relationships in the areas that we operate.

Archaeologist holding up artifact

We help our clients balance growth and development with the preservation of our cultural resources. Our reputation is built on excellence through our commitment to deliver thorough, detailed, and reliable studies.

British Columbia

  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOA)
  • Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA)
  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR)
  • Excavation and Systematic Data Recovery (SDR)
  • Winter Archaeological Impact Assessments
  • Post Impact Assessments
  • Archaeological Information Forms (AIF)
  • Archaeology Branch and Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Section 12.4 Site Alteration Permitting
  • Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD) Searches
  • Culturally Modified Tree (CMT) Inventories
  • Chance Find Procedure Plans
  • Archaeological Construction Monitoring
  • Archaeological Potential Modelling
  • Laboratory Analysis


  • Statements of Justification (SOJ)
  • Archaeological Historical Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)
  • Paleontological Historical Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)
  • Listing of Historic Resources Searches


  • Archaeological Historical Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)
  • Paleontological Historical Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

  • Archaeological Impact Assessments

The Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories

  • Class 1 Permit Assessments
  • Class 2 Permit Assessments
  • Heritage Resource Overview Assessments (HROA)
  • Heritage Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)
  • Archaeological Site Record Searches
  • Laboratory Analysis

Other Services

  • First Nations and Indigenous Consultation
  • Traditional Land Use Studies (TLU)
  • Traditional and Ecological Knowledge Studies (TEK)
  • Historic, Ethnographic, and Archival research
  • Cultural Heritage Inventories
  • Heritage Training Programs

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