Ecofor promotes a strong culture of workplace safety for all of our employees, subcontractors, and clients. We believe that safety and environmental protection is a shared responsibility, and we base our Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) program upon that belief.

We believe that safety is no accident. Our extensive worksafe practices, procedures, policies, and systems for incident reporting and investigation have been developed to support our commitment to safety and to promote awareness among our staff.

Ecofor worker wearing all necessary ppe

We strive to meet or exceed safety legislation, regulations, and industry best practices. We are committed to creating and upholding a safe and healthy work environment, regardless of where, when, and for whom we are working.

At Ecofor, productivity without safety is unacceptable. With meaningful workplace engagement, careful planning, and attention to detail, we strongly believe that neither must be compromised.

Ecofor is SAFE certified by the BC Forest Safety Council and COR certified by Northern Safety Network Yukon and the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Further, we are registered in good standing with ComplyWorks, ISNetworld, and Avetta.

Our HSE program includes a detailed training program, daily pre-field safety meetings, on-site tailgate meetings, regular equipment and facility inspections, ongoing job hazard assessments, and a comprehensive check-in and communication procedure. Regular reviews and audits of our program are conducted, and we are continuously working to improve our high safety standards and strong workplace culture.


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